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Workspace Variable cloudbox_limits

The limits of the cloud box.

This variable defines the extension of the cloud box. The cloud box 
is defined to be rectangular in the used coordinate system, with 
limits exactly at points of the involved grids. This means, for 
example, that the vertical limits of the cloud box are two pressure 
levels. For 2D, the angular extension of the cloud box is between 
two points of the latitude grid, and likewise for 3D but then also 
with a longitude extension between two grid points. The latitude and
longitude limits for the cloud box cannot be placed at the end 
points of the corresponding grid as it must be possible to calculate
the incoming intensity field.

The variable cloudbox_limits is an array of index value with
length twice atmosphere_dim. For each dimension there is a lower 
limit and an upper limit. The order of the dimensions is as usual 
pressure, latitude and longitude. The upper limit index must be 
greater then the lower limit index. For example, 
cloudbox_limits = [0 5 4 11 4 11] means that cloud box extends
between pressure levels 0 and 5, and latitude and longitude points 4
and 11.

If cloudbox_on = 0, the content of this variable is neglected, but
it must be initiated to some dummy values.

See further the ARTS user guide (AUG). Use the index to find where
this variable is discussed. The variable is listed as a subentry to
"workspace variables".

Usage: Set by the user, either directly or using a method
checking the extension of scattering particles.

Unit:  Index values.

Size:  [ 2 * atmosphere_dim ]

Group: ArrayOfIndex

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