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Workspace Variable complex_refr_index

Complex refractive index (n) data.

The variable works as a lookup-table of complex refractive index.
The matter type (water, ice ...) is unspecified, it is up to the
user to fill the variable with data for the expected matter.
This variable type can be used to describe n of both the surface and
atmospheric particles. For the surface, a dedicated variable exists:

The column dimension has always size 2, where the first and second
column holds the real and imaginary part of n, respectively. The row
dimension matches temperature, and the page dimension is frequency.
Both the temperature and frequency dimensions grids are allowed to
have length 1, which is interpreted as n being constant in that

When mapping these data to the required frequencies and temperatures
a bi-linear interpolation is applied.

Unit:       -

      Vector f_grid[N_f]
      Vector T_grid[N_T]
      ArrayOfString Complex[2]
      Tensor3 data[N_f][N_T][2]

Group: GriddedField3

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