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Workspace Variable instrument_pol

Definition of the polarisation of an instrument.

The default for output is to give data for the selected Stokes
elements (1:stokes_dim). This variable defines the polarisations
that are actually measured, or are transmitted.

The polarisation states/components are coded as
   0 = Undefined.
   1 = I, total intensity.
   2 = Q, second Stokes component, Iv - Ih.
   3 = U, third Stokes component, I+45 - I-45.
   4 = V, forth Stokes component, Irc - Ilc
   5 = Iv, intensity of vertically polarised component.
   6 = Ih, intensity of horizontally polarised component.
   7 = I+45, intensity of +45 deg linearly polarised component.
   8 = I-45, intensity of -45 deg linearly polarised component.
   9 = Ilhc, intensity of left-hand circularly polarised component.
  10 = Irhc, intensity of right-hand circularly polarised component.

See the documentation for definition of the Stokes vector and the
different components.

If the instrument measures, or transmits, vertical and horizontal
components, this variable shall accordingly be set to [5,6].

Conversion to Planck-BT of components 2-4 requires that component
1 is kept, and must be included as first element.

The shift from the Stokes vector can be made at any stage when of the
sensor response set-up. The responses used must of course be adopted
correspondingly. Or reversed, if the antenna response is defined for
Iv or Ih it could be useful to shift polarisation as first sensor

Usage: Set by the user.

Group: ArrayOfIndex

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