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Workspace Variable iy_id

Identification number of iy.

This variable is intended to be an identification number for individual
calculations of iy. This id-number can e.g. be used as input to 
WriteXMLIndexed, to link filenames to the different calculations.

Some methods sets and updates iy_id. The general numbering scheme is:
where xxx identifies the row in sensorPos/los (i.e. the mblock_index),
yyy identifies pencil beam direction inside measurement block (should
in general match a row in mblock_dlos), and cba identies later legs
of total propagation paths, where a, b and c identifies secondary, tertiary
and quaternary part, respectively. 1-based numbering is used. That is,
the primary path of the first pencil beam of the first measurement block
has iy_id = 001001000.

Accordingly, the primary propagation path has cba = 000. If the primary path
intersects with the surface, and the downwelling radiation is calculated
for three directions, these secondary paths get cba = 001, 002 and 003.
If tertiary paths appear, they have numbers such as 011. 

As the numbering scheme has nine positions, it is suitable to store
files as: WriteXMLIndexed(output_file_format,iy_id,in,filename,9)

Setting of iy_id is not yet supported together with scattering
calculations. The value of iy_id then differs, it is either set to 0
or keeps its value set by yCalc.

Default: 0

Group: Index

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