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Workspace Variable lon_grid

The longitude grid.

The longitudes for which the atmospheric fields are defined. The
atmosphere is undefined outside the range covered by the grid.
The grid must be sorted in increasing order, with no repetitions.

For 1D and 2D, this WSV shall be set to be empty.

Allowed values for longitudes is the range [-360,360]. The difference
between last and first value can not exceed 360 degrees. A difference
of exactly 360 deg. means that the complete globe is covered and no
propagation paths will reach a longitude edge.

See further the ARTS user guide (AUG). Use the index to find where
this variable is discussed. The variable is listed as a subentry to
"workspace variables".

Usage: Set by the user.

Unit:  degrees

Group: Vector

Specific methods that can generate lon_grid

Generic and supergeneric methods that can generate lon_grid

Specific methods that require lon_grid

Generic and supergeneric methods that can use lon_grid

Agendas that can generate lon_grid

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