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Workspace Variable particle_masses

The mass of individual particles (or bulks).

Each row corresponds to a scattering element (i.e. an element in
scat_data). The user is free to define different mass
categories and assign a mass for each category. Each column
of particle_masses corresponds to such a mass category. A scattering
element can have a non-zero mass for more than one category.

For example, if you work with clouds, your mass categories could
be ice and liquid, corresponding to IWC and LWC, respectively.
The mass of particles inside the melting layer, having a mixed
phase, could be divided between the two columns of the matrix.

Shall either be empty, or have a row size consistent with the
scattering variables (scat_data, pnd_field).

Usage:      Set by the user.

Unit:       kg

Dimensions: [number of scattering elements, number of mass categories]

Default: []

Group: Matrix

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