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Workspace Variable pnd_field

Particle number density field.

This variable holds the particle number density fields for all
scattering elements being read in the WSMs
ScatElementsPndAndScatAdd or ScatSpeciesPndAndScatAdd and
interpolated to the calculation grids p_grid, lat_grid, and
lon_grid inside the cloudbox. An alternative method to create
pnd_field is pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps.

Total number and order of scattering elements in pnd_field and (the
flattened) scat_data has to be identical.

Note: To ensure that no particles exist outside the cloudbox,
pnd_field is required to be 0 at its outer limits (corresponding
to the cloudbox_limits).

Usage:      Set by user or output of pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps

Unit:        m^-3

Size: [number of scattering elements, 
       (cloudbox_limits[1] - cloudbox_limits[0]) +1, 
       (cloudbox_limits[3] - cloudbox_limits[2]) +1, 
       (cloudbox_limits[5] - cloudbox_limits[4]) +1 ] 

Group: Tensor4

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