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Workspace Variable refellipsoid

Reference ellipsoid.

This vector specifies the shape of the reference ellipsoid. The
vector must have length 2, where the two elements are:

1. Equatorial radius.
2. The eccentricity.

The eccentricity is sqrt(1-b * b/a * a) where a and b are equatorial and
polar radius, respectively. If the eccentricity is set to 0, an
average radius should be used instead of the equatorial one.

The eccentricity must be 0 for 1D calculations, as a spherical Earth
is implied by setting atmosphere_dim to 1. For 2D, the selected
ellipsoid parameters should be selected according to cross-section
between the real ellipsoid and the 2D plane considered. That is
the applied ellipsoid shall have een converted to match the internal
treatment of 2D cases. For 3D, models can be used, such as WGS84.

Usage:  Set by the user.

Size:   [ 2 ]

Group: Vector

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