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Workspace Variable sensor_los

The sensor line-of-sight (LOS) for each measurement block.

Line-of-sights are specified by giving the zenith and azimuth angles.
Column 1 holds the zenith angle. This angle is simply the angle 
between the zenith and LOS directions. For 1D and 3D the valid
range is [0 180], while for 2D angles down to -180 degrees are
allowed. Negative angles signifies for 2D observations towards
lower latitudes, while positive angles means observations towards
higher latitudes. Nadir corresponds throughout to 180 degrees.

The azimuth angle is given with respect to the meridian plane. That
is, the plane going through the north and south poles. The valid 
range is [-180,180] where angles are counted clockwise; 0 means
that the viewing or propagation direction is north-wise and +90 means
that the direction of concern goes eastward.

No azimuth angle shall be specified for 1D and 2D. This angle is in
general of no concern for these atmospheric dimensionalities, but
matter in some cases, such as with respect to the Doppler shift due
to winds. For 1D the azimuth angle is then assumed to be 0 deg, i.e.
the sensor is treated to be directed towards North. For 2D, the 
implied azimuth is 0 or 180, depending of the zenith angle is positive
or negative.

See further the ARTS user guide (AUG). Use the index to find where
this variable is discussed. The variable is listed as a subentry to
"workspace variables".

Usage: Set by the user.

Unit:  [ degrees, degrees ]

Size:  [ number of measurement blocks, 1 or 2 ]

Group: Matrix

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