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Workspace Variable sensor_pol

A set of polarisation response angles.

The standard choice to consider the polarisation response of the
reciever is by instrument_pol, and this response becomes then part
of sensor_response. However, that choice is not possible when the
polartisation response changes between measurement blocks, and this
variable combined with the yApplySensorPol offers an alternative for
such situations. This WSV also allows defintion of an arbitrary
polarisation angle.

When applying the polarisation response by yApplySensorPol, this
variable complements sensor_pos and sensor_los. This WSV matrix
is also a matrix, that shall have the same number of rows as the other
two matrices. 

The columns of sensor_pol corresponds to the channels/frequencies
of the receiver. Each element gives the polarisation angle. A pure
vertical response has the angle 0 deg, and pure horisontal 90 deg.
If all U values (Stokes element 3) are zero, the sign of the angle does,
not matter, and 0 and 180 degrees give the same result. With non-zero
U, the result of e.g. -45 and +45 degrees differ.

Note that a receiver with a linear response is assumed. Circular
polarisation is not affected by any rotation.

Usage: Set by the user.

Unit:  [ degrees ]

Size:  [ number of measurement blocks, number of channels/frequencies ]

Group: Matrix

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