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Workspace Variable sensor_pos

The sensor position for each measurement block.

The sensor positions are specified as a matrix, where the number of
columns shall be equal to atmosphere_dim. Column 1 shall contain
the altitude of the sensor platform, column 2 the latitude and the 
last column the longitude. The number of rows corresponds to the
number of measurement blocks.

Valid range for latitudes in 3D is [-90,90], while for 2D any value
is accepted. Accepted range for longitudes are [-360,360].

See further the ARTS user guide (AUG). Use the index to find where
this variable is discussed. The variable is listed as a subentry to
"workspace variables".

Usage: Set by the user.

Unit:  [ m, degrees, degrees ]

Size:  [ number of measurement blocks, atmosphere_dim ]

Group: Matrix

Specific methods that can generate sensor_pos

Generic and supergeneric methods that can generate sensor_pos

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