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Workspace Variable stokes_rotation

Rotation of the Stokes H and V directions.

This variable allows to introduce a rotation of the Stokes coordinate
system. Such a rotation could be needed to handle the scanning
procedure of some instruments, such as AMSU-A. The variable is
applied by the sensor_responseStokesRotation WSM.

The rotation is given as an angle for each direction. In general, the
number of rotations to be specified follows sensor_response_dlos_grid.
In more detail, if no antenna is included or a 1D antenna is used, and
the rotation is applied before the antenna is included in 
sensor_response, there should be one angle for each row of
mblock_dlos. After inclusion of an antenna response, the relevant
number of angles is determined by the rows of antenna_dlos.

It is assumed that the rotation is common for all frequency elements.

Units: degrees

Size:  [ number of directions ]

Usage: Set by the user.

Group: Vector

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