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Workspace Variable surface_rv_rh

Surface reflectivity, described by rv and rh (power) reflectivities.

This variable describes the surface reflectivity at one position
and one incidence angle. For this position and angle, one or multiple
combinations of rv and rh are specified, where rv and rh are the
reflectivity for vertical and horizontal polarisation, respectively.

This matrix shall always have two columns, where the first column
holds rv values, and the second column rh. It is up to the user to
make sure that data are put into the correct column, this can not
be checked bu the methods using this WSV.

The number of rows shall either match f_grid or be 1. The later case
is interpreted as the reflectivities are the same for all frequencies.

Usage:   Input to some surface properties methods.

Dimensions: [ f_grid or 1, 2]

Group: Matrix

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