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Workspace Variable transmitter_pos

Transmitter positions.

Used for radio link calculations and gives then the position of the
transmitting device. The corresponding positions of the receiver are
given by sensor_pos. The number of rows in transmitter_pos and
sensor_pos must be equal.

This WSV is also defined as sensor_pos regarding the content of the
columns, accepted range for latitudes etc. With one exception, this
WSV is demanded to have two columns also for 1D. The additional
second value is the angular distance between the transmitter and the
reciver. This angle is defined as "latitude" for 2D, with the
sensor fixed at the angle of 0 degree.

Each row this matrix defines rte_pos2 for the measurement block,
exactly as sensor_pos is translated to rte_pos.

If no transmitter is involved in the calculations, the variable can
be set to be empty.

Usage: Set by the user.

Unit:  [ m, degrees, degrees ]

Default: []

Group: Matrix

Specific methods that can generate transmitter_pos

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