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Workspace Variable x

The state vector.

This WSV matches directly the x-vector in the formalism by C.D. Rodgers.

Inside x, the elements matching one retrieval quantity, such as
atmospheric temperatures, are kept together. That is, each retrieval
quantity covers a continuous range inside x. The start and index of
these ranges can be deduced by jacobian_quantities (see function(s)
inside for details).

The order of elements inside each retrieval quantity should be clarified
by corresponding "adding" method, i.e. jacobianAddTemperature for
atmospheric temperatures. The general rule is that data are sorted from
left to right with respect to the order in the corresponding WSV. For
example, inside x atmospheric data are stored with pressure as inner-
most loop, followed by latitude and longitude as outermost loop.

Usage: Used by inversion methods.

Unit:  Varies, follows unit of selected retrieval quantities.

Group: Vector

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