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Workspace Variable y

The measurement vector.

This vector holds radiances averaged in frequency and spatially,
and can contain many spectra appended. That is, this WSV matches
directly the y-vector in the formalism by C.D. Rodgers.

The polarisation, frequency, position and line-of-sight associated
with each element in y are given by y_pol, y_f, y_pos and
y_los. For monochromatic pencil beam radiances, data are sorted
in the following way, from the innermost to the outermost loop

-   Stokes
-   Frequency
-   LOS inside the measurement block
-   Measurement block

With sensor response included, the order can be differ. As output
of yRadar, the order will also be different.

Usage: Output from radiative transfer calculations considering sensor response.

Unit:  Undefined. Possibilities include: K, W/(m^2 Hz sr) and optical thickness.

Group: Vector

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