ARTS 2.5.4 (git: 4c0d3b4d)
absorptionlines.h File Reference

Contains the absorption namespace. More...

#include "bifstream.h"
#include "bofstream.h"
#include "enums.h"
#include "lineshapemodel.h"
#include "matpack.h"
#include "quantum_numbers.h"
#include "zeemandata.h"
#include "jacobian.h"
#include <utility>
#include <vector>

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struct  Absorption::SingleLine
 Computations and data for a single absorption line. More...
struct  Absorption::SingleLineExternal
 Single line reading output. More...
struct  Absorption::Lines


namespace  Absorption
 Namespace to contain things required for absorption calculations.


using AbsorptionSingleLine = Absorption::SingleLine
using ArrayOfAbsorptionSingleLine = Array< AbsorptionSingleLine >
using AbsorptionLines = Absorption::Lines
using ArrayOfAbsorptionLines = Array< AbsorptionLines >
using ArrayOfArrayOfAbsorptionLines = Array< ArrayOfAbsorptionLines >
using AbsorptionNormalizationType = Absorption::NormalizationType
using AbsorptionPopulationType = Absorption::PopulationType
using AbsorptionMirroringType = Absorption::MirroringType
using AbsorptionCutoffType = Absorption::CutoffType


 Absorption::ENUMCLASS (MirroringType, char, None, Lorentz, SameAsLineShape, Manual) const expr std
 Describes the type of mirroring line effects. More...
 Absorption::ENUMCLASS (PopulationType, char, LTE, NLTE, VibTemps, ByHITRANRosenkranzRelmat, ByHITRANFullRelmat, ByMakarovFullRelmat, ByRovibLinearDipoleLineMixing) const expr std
 Describes the type of population level counter. More...
constexpr bool Absorption::relaxationtype_relmat (PopulationType in) noexcept
 Absorption::ENUMCLASS (CutoffType, char, None, ByLine) String cutofftype2metadatastring(CutoffType in
 Describes the type of cutoff calculations. More...
std::ostream & Absorption::operator<< (std::ostream &, const SingleLine &)
std::istream & Absorption::operator>> (std::istream &, SingleLine &)
std::ostream & Absorption::operator<< (std::ostream &, const Lines &)
std::istream & Absorption::operator>> (std::istream &, Lines &)
SingleLineExternal Absorption::ReadFromArtscat3Stream (istream &is)
 Read from ARTSCAT-3. More...
SingleLineExternal Absorption::ReadFromArtscat4Stream (istream &is)
 Read from ARTSCAT-4. More...
SingleLineExternal Absorption::ReadFromArtscat5Stream (istream &is)
 Read from ARTSCAT-5. More...
SingleLineExternal Absorption::ReadFromLBLRTMStream (istream &is)
 Read from LBLRTM. More...
SingleLineExternal Absorption::ReadFromHitran2004Stream (istream &is)
 Read from newer HITRAN. More...
SingleLineExternal Absorption::ReadFromHitranOnlineStream (istream &is)
 Read from HITRAN online. More...
SingleLineExternal Absorption::ReadFromHitran2001Stream (istream &is)
 Read from HITRAN before 2004. More...
SingleLineExternal Absorption::ReadFromJplStream (istream &is)
 Read from JPL. More...
std::vector< Lines > Absorption::split_list_of_external_lines (std::vector< SingleLineExternal > &external_lines, const std::vector< QuantumNumberType > &localquantas={}, const std::vector< QuantumNumberType > &globalquantas={})
 Splits a list of lines into proper Lines. More...
Index Absorption::nelem (const Lines &l)
 Number of lines. More...
Index Absorption::nelem (const Array< Lines > &l)
 Number of lines in list. More...
Index Absorption::nelem (const Array< Array< Lines > > &l)
 Number of lines in lists. More...
Numeric Absorption::reduced_rovibrational_dipole (Rational Jf, Rational Ji, Rational lf, Rational li, Rational k=Rational(1))
 Compute the reduced rovibrational dipole moment. More...
Numeric Absorption::reduced_magnetic_quadrapole (Rational Jf, Rational Ji, Rational N)
 Compute the reduced magnetic quadrapole moment. More...
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const ArrayOfAbsorptionLines &)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const ArrayOfArrayOfAbsorptionLines &)


Numeric Absorption::cutoff

Detailed Description

Contains the absorption namespace.

Richard Larsson

Contains the absorption lines implementation

This namespace contains classes to deal with absorption lines

Definition in file absorptionlines.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ AbsorptionCutoffType

using AbsorptionCutoffType = Absorption::CutoffType

Definition at line 993 of file absorptionlines.h.

◆ AbsorptionLines

Definition at line 982 of file absorptionlines.h.

◆ AbsorptionMirroringType

using AbsorptionMirroringType = Absorption::MirroringType

Definition at line 992 of file absorptionlines.h.

◆ AbsorptionNormalizationType

using AbsorptionNormalizationType = Absorption::NormalizationType

Definition at line 990 of file absorptionlines.h.

◆ AbsorptionPopulationType

using AbsorptionPopulationType = Absorption::PopulationType

Definition at line 991 of file absorptionlines.h.

◆ AbsorptionSingleLine

◆ ArrayOfAbsorptionLines

Definition at line 983 of file absorptionlines.h.

◆ ArrayOfAbsorptionSingleLine

◆ ArrayOfArrayOfAbsorptionLines

Function Documentation

◆ operator<<() [1/2]

std::ostream & operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const ArrayOfAbsorptionLines aol 

Definition at line 1767 of file

References Interpolation::l().

Referenced by Species::ENUMCLASS().

◆ operator<<() [2/2]

std::ostream & operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const ArrayOfArrayOfAbsorptionLines aol 

Definition at line 1774 of file

References Interpolation::l().