ARTS 2.5.4 (git: 31ce4f0e)
agenda_set.h File Reference
#include "agenda_class.h"
#include "array.h"
#include "global_data.h"
#include "matpack.h"
#include "mystring.h"
#include "workspace_ng.h"

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struct  AgendaManip::AgendaMethodVariable
 A Complete Description of a Method Variable. More...
struct  AgendaManip::SetWsv
struct  AgendaManip::MethodVariable
struct  AgendaManip::AgendaCreator
 Helper class to create an agenda. More...


namespace  AgendaManip


Array< AgendaMethodVariable > AgendaManip::sorted_mdrecord (Workspace &ws, const String &method_name)
 Return a full list of all the Method Variables with defaults on the workspace. More...
std::pair< ArrayOfIndex, ArrayOfIndexAgendaManip::split_io (Array< AgendaMethodVariable > &var_order)
 Split input and output of method variables. More...
template<std::size_t N>
std::array< MethodVariable, NAgendaManip::input_data_array (Workspace &ws, const Array< AgendaMethodVariable > &list, const std::array< SetWsv, N > &vals)
template<std::size_t N>
const TokValAgendaManip::to_tokval (Workspace &ws, const std::array< MethodVariable, N > &input_data)
template<std::size_t N>
void AgendaManip::add_method_and_setters (Workspace &ws, Agenda &a, const std::string_view method, const std::array< SetWsv, N > &input)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_iy_main_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_iy_loop_freqs_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_iy_space_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_iy_surface_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_iy_cloudbox_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_ppath_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_ppath_step_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_refr_index_air_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_water_p_eq_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_gas_scattering_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_surface_rtprop_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_g0_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_dobatch_calc_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_ybatch_calc_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_test_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_surface_rtprop_sub_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_spt_calc_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_sensor_response_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_propmat_clearsky_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_pha_mat_spt_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_met_profile_calc_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_main_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_jacobian_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_iy_radar_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_iy_independent_beam_approx_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_inversion_iterate_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_forloop_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_doit_scat_field_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_doit_rte_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_doit_mono_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)
Agenda AgendaManip::get_doit_conv_test_agenda (Workspace &ws, const String &option)