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Initialize lookup data for agendas. More...

#include "agenda_record.h"

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namespace  global_data


#define NAME(x)   x
#define DESCRIPTION(x)   x
#define OUTPUT(...)    { __VA_ARGS__ }
#define INPUT(...)    { __VA_ARGS__ }


void define_agenda_data ()

Detailed Description

Initialize lookup data for agendas.

Stefan Buehler sbueh.nosp@m.ler@.nosp@m.ltu.s.nosp@m.e
Thu Mar 14 08:49:33 2002

The lookup data mainly contains information on the required output and input.

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#define DESCRIPTION (   x)    x

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#define INPUT (   ...)     { __VA_ARGS__ }

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#define NAME (   x)    x

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#define OUTPUT (   ...)     { __VA_ARGS__ }

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◆ define_agenda_data()

void define_agenda_data ( )

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References a, global_data::agenda_data, b, DESCRIPTION, INPUT, NAME, and OUTPUT.

Referenced by main(), and main().