ARTS 2.5.9 (git: 825fa5f2) File Reference

Implementation file for work with HITRAN collision induced absorption (CIA). More...

#include "arts_constants.h"
#include "check_input.h"
#include "cia.h"
#include <cmath>
#include "species_tags.h"
#include "absorption.h"
#include "file.h"
#include "interpolation_lagrange.h"

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void cia_interpolation (VectorView result, ConstVectorView f_grid, const Numeric &temperature, const GriddedField2 &cia_data, const Numeric &T_extrapolfac, const Index &robust, const Verbosity &verbosity)
 Interpolate CIA data. More...
Index cia_get_index (const ArrayOfCIARecord &cia_data, const Species::Species sp1, const Species::Species sp2)
 Get the index in cia_data for the two given species. More...
ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const CIARecord &)
 Output operator for CIARecord. More...


constexpr Numeric SPEED_OF_LIGHT =Constant::speed_of_light

Detailed Description

Implementation file for work with HITRAN collision induced absorption (CIA).

The CIA data are part of the HITRAN distribution. They are described in Richard, C., I. E. Gordon, L. S. Rothman, M. Abel, L. Frommhold, M. Gustafsson, J.-M. Hartmann, C. Hermans, W. J. Lafferty, G. S. Orton, K.M. Smith, and H. Tran (2012), New section of the HITRAN database: Collision-induced absorption (CIA), J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, 113, 1276-1285, doi:10.1016/j.jqsrt.2011.11.004.

Stefan Buehler

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◆ cia_get_index()

Index cia_get_index ( const ArrayOfCIARecord cia_data,
const Species::Species  sp1,
const Species::Species  sp2 

Get the index in cia_data for the two given species.

[in]cia_dataCIA data array
[in]sp1First species index
[in]sp2Second species index
Index of this species combination in cia_data. -1 if not found.

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References Array< base >::nelem().

Referenced by abs_cia_dataAddCIARecord(), abs_cia_dataReadFromCIA(), abs_cia_dataReadFromXML(), abs_xsec_per_speciesAddCIA(), and propmat_clearskyAddCIA().

◆ cia_interpolation()

void cia_interpolation ( VectorView  result,
ConstVectorView  f_grid,
const Numeric temperature,
const GriddedField2 cia_data,
const Numeric T_extrapolfac,
const Index robust,
const Verbosity verbosity 

Interpolate CIA data.

Interpolate CIA data to given frequency vector and given scalar temperature. Uses third order interpolation in both coordinates, if grid length allows, otherwise lower order or no interpolation.

[out]resultCIA value for given frequency grid and temperature.
[in]f_gridFrequency grid.
[in]temperatureScalar temperature.
[in]cia_dataThe CIA dataset to interpolate.
[in]robustSet to 1 to suppress runtime errors (and return NAN values instead).
[in]verbosityStandard verbosity object.

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References ARTS_ASSERT, chk_interpolation_grids(), CREATE_OUTS, GriddedField2::data, GriddedField::get_numeric_grid(), interpweights(), joker, and ConstVectorView::nelem().

Referenced by CIARecord::Extract(), and test01().

◆ operator<<()

ostream & operator<< ( ostream &  os,
const CIARecord cr 

Output operator for CIARecord.

Outputs the grids for the given CIARecord.

[in,out]osOutput stream.

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constexpr Numeric SPEED_OF_LIGHT =Constant::speed_of_light

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Referenced by calcSingleScatteringDataProperties(), and CIARecord::ReadFromCIA().