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GriddedField4 Class Referencefinal

#include <gridded_fields.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GriddedField4 ()
 Construct an empty GriddedField4.
 GriddedField4 (const String &s)
 Construct an empty GriddedField4 with the given name.
bool checksize () const final
 Consistency check.
void checksize_strict () const final
 Strict consistency check.
void resize (const GriddedField4 &gf)
 Make this GriddedField4 the same size as the given one.
void resize (Index b, Index p, Index r, Index c)
 Resize the data tensor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from GriddedField
virtual ~GriddedField ()=default
 Defaulted con-/de-structors and assignments so unique pointers work w/o warnings.
 GriddedField (const GriddedField &)=default
 GriddedField (GriddedField &&)=default
GriddedFieldoperator= (const GriddedField &)=default
GriddedFieldoperator= (GriddedField &&)=default
Index get_dim () const
 Get the dimension of this gridded field.
void copy_grids (const GriddedField &gf)
 Copy grids.
const Stringget_grid_name (Index i) const
 Get grid name.
Index get_grid_size (Index i) const
 Get the size of a grid.
GridType get_grid_type (Index i) const
 Get grid type.
const Vectorget_numeric_grid (Index i) const
 Get a numeric grid.
Vectorget_numeric_grid (Index i)
 Get a numeric grid.
const ArrayOfStringget_string_grid (Index i) const
 Get a string grid.
ArrayOfStringget_string_grid (Index i)
 Get a string grid.
const Stringget_name () const
 Get the name of this gridded field.
void set_grid (Index i, const Vector &g)
 Set a numeric grid.
void set_grid (Index i, const ArrayOfString &g)
 Set a string grid.
void set_grid_name (Index i, const String &s)
 Set grid name.
void set_name (const String &s)
 Set name of this gridded field.
virtual bool checksize () const =0
 Consistency check.
virtual void checksize_strict () const =0
 Strict consistency check.

Public Attributes

Tensor4 data


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const GriddedField4 &gf)
String metaErrorData (const GriddedField4 &gf)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GriddedField
 GriddedField ()
 Construct an empty GriddedField.
 GriddedField (const Index d, String s)
 Construct a GriddedField.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 417 of file gridded_fields.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GriddedField4() [1/2]

GriddedField4::GriddedField4 ( )

Construct an empty GriddedField4.

Definition at line 420 of file gridded_fields.h.

◆ GriddedField4() [2/2]

GriddedField4::GriddedField4 ( const String s)

Construct an empty GriddedField4 with the given name.


Definition at line 423 of file gridded_fields.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ checksize()

bool GriddedField4::checksize ( ) const

Consistency check.

Check if the sizes of the grids match the data dimension.

This function must be overwritten by the derived classes.

True if sizes match.

Implements GriddedField.

Definition at line 425 of file gridded_fields.h.

References data, GriddedField::get_grid_size(), ConstTensor4View::nbooks(), ConstTensor4View::ncols(), ConstTensor4View::npages(), and ConstTensor4View::nrows().

Referenced by atm_fields_compactAddSpecies(), atm_fields_compactCleanup(), and checksize_strict().

◆ checksize_strict()

void GriddedField4::checksize_strict ( ) const

Strict consistency check.

Same as GriddedField::checksize but throws runtime_error in case of error.

Implements GriddedField.

Definition at line 436 of file gridded_fields.h.

References ARTS_USER_ERROR_IF, and checksize().

Referenced by surface_scalar_reflectivityFromGriddedField4(), and xml_read_from_stream().

◆ resize() [1/2]

void GriddedField4::resize ( const GriddedField4 gf)

Make this GriddedField4 the same size as the given one.

[in]gfSource gridded field.

Definition at line 442 of file gridded_fields.h.

References data, GriddedField::get_grid_size(), and Tensor4::resize().

Referenced by atm_fields_compactExpand(), atm_fields_compactFromMatrix(), GriddedFieldLatLonExpand(), GriddedFieldLatLonRegrid(), GriddedFieldPRegrid(), and iyIndependentBeamApproximation().

◆ resize() [2/2]

void GriddedField4::resize ( Index  b,
Index  p,
Index  r,
Index  c 

Resize the data tensor.

See also

Definition at line 451 of file gridded_fields.h.

References b, c, data, and Tensor4::resize().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ metaErrorData

String metaErrorData ( const GriddedField4 gf)

◆ operator<<

std::ostream & operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const GriddedField4 gf 

Member Data Documentation

◆ data

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