ARTS 2.5.10 (git: 2f1c442c)
Vector Class Reference

The Vector class. More...

#include <matpackI.h>

Inheritance diagram for Vector:
VectorView ConstVectorView

Public Member Functions

 Vector ()=default
 Vector (std::initializer_list< Numeric > init)
 Initialization list constructor.
 Vector (const matpack::vector_like_not_vector auto &init)
 Initialization from a vector type.
 Vector (Index n)
 Constructor setting size.
 Vector (Index n, Numeric fill)
 Constructor setting size and filling with constant value.
 Vector (Numeric start, Index extent, Numeric stride)
 Constructor filling with values.
 Vector (const ConstVectorView &v)
 Copy constructor from VectorView.
 Vector (const Vector &v)
 Copy constructor from Vector.
 Vector (Vector &&v) noexcept
 Vector (const std::vector< Numeric > &)
 Converting constructor from std::vector<Numeric>.
 Vector (Numeric *d, const Range &r0) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
Vectoroperator= (const Vector &v)
 Assignment from another Vector.
Vectoroperator= (Vector &&v) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Move assignment from another Vector.
Vectoroperator= (std::initializer_list< Numeric > v)
 Assignment from an initializatoin list.
Vectoroperator= (const matpack::vector_like_not_vector auto &init)
 Set from a vector type.
Vectoroperator= (const Array< Numeric > &x)
 Assignment operator from Array<Numeric>.
Vectoroperator= (Numeric x)
 Assignment operator from scalar.
void resize (Index n)
 Resize function.
 ~Vector () noexcept override
 Destructor for Vector.
template<class F >
void transform_elementwise (F &&func)
- Public Member Functions inherited from VectorView
constexpr VectorView (const VectorView &)=default
 VectorView (const Vector &)
 Bail out immediately if somebody tries to create a VectorView from a const Vector.
 VectorView (Vector &v) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Create VectorView from a Vector.
Numericoperator[] (Index n) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Plain Index operator.
Numericget (Index n) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Get element implementation without assertions.
VectorView operator[] (const Range &r) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Index operator for subrange.
Iterator1D begin () ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Return iterator to first element.
Iterator1D end () ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Return iterator behind last element.
VectorViewoperator= (const ConstVectorView &v)
 Assignment operator.
VectorViewoperator= (const VectorView &v)
 Assignment from VectorView to VectorView.
VectorViewoperator= (const Vector &v)
 Assignment from Vector.
VectorViewoperator= (const Array< Numeric > &v)
 Assignment operator from Array<Numeric>.
VectorViewoperator= (Numeric x)
 Assigning a scalar to a VectorView will set all elements to this value.
VectorView operator*= (Numeric x) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Multiplication by scalar.
VectorView operator/= (Numeric x) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Division by scalar.
VectorView operator+= (Numeric x) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Addition of scalar.
VectorView operator-= (Numeric x) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Subtraction of scalar.
VectorView operator*= (const ConstVectorView &x) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Element-vise multiplication by another vector.
VectorView operator/= (const ConstVectorView &x) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Element-vise division by another vector.
VectorView operator+= (const ConstVectorView &x) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Element-vise addition of another vector.
VectorView operator-= (const ConstVectorView &x) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Element-vise subtraction of another vector.
 operator MatrixView () ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Conversion to 1 column matrix.
 ~VectorView () override=default
 VectorView (Numeric &a) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 A special constructor, which allows to make a VectorView from a scalar.
ConstIterator1D begin () const ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Return const iterator to first element.
ConstIterator1D end () const ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Return const iterator behind last element.
Numeric get (Index n) const ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Get element implementation without assertions.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConstVectorView
constexpr ConstVectorView (const ConstVectorView &)=default
constexpr ConstVectorView (ConstVectorView &&)=default
ConstVectorViewoperator= (const ConstVectorView &)=default
ConstVectorViewoperator= (ConstVectorView &&)=default
bool empty () const noexcept
 Returns true if variable size is zero.
Index nelem () const noexcept
 Returns the number of elements.
Index size () const noexcept
Shape< 1 > shape () const
Numeric sum () const ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 The sum of all elements of a Vector.
Numeric operator[] (Index n) const ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Plain const index operator.
Numeric get (Index n) const ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Get element implementation without assertions.
ConstVectorView operator[] (const Range &r) const ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Const index operator for subrange.
ConstIterator1D begin () const ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Return const iterator to first element.
ConstIterator1D end () const ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Return const iterator behind last element.
 operator ConstMatrixView () const
 Conversion to const 1 column matrix.
virtual ~ConstVectorView ()=default
 ConstVectorView (const Numeric &a) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 A special constructor, which allows to make a ConstVectorView from a scalar.
Index selem () const noexcept
 Start element in memory.
Index delem () const noexcept
 Steps in memory between elements.
Numericget_c_array () const noexcept
 Conversion to plain C-array, const-version.


void swap (Vector &v1, Vector &v2) noexcept
 Swaps two objects.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from VectorView
using iterator = Iterator1D
- Public Types inherited from ConstVectorView
using const_iterator = ConstIterator1D
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ConstVectorView
static constexpr bool matpack_type {true}
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VectorView
 VectorView ()=default
 VectorView (Numeric *data, const Range &range) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Explicit constructor.
 VectorView (Numeric *data, const Range &p, const Range &n) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Recursive constructor.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ConstVectorView
 ConstVectorView ()=default
 ConstVectorView (Numeric *data, const Range &range) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Explicit constructor.
 ConstVectorView (Numeric *data, const Range &p, const Range &n) ARTS_NOEXCEPT
 Recursive constructor.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ConstVectorView
Range mrange {0, 0}
 The range of mdata that is actually used.
Numericmdata {nullptr}
 Pointer to the plain C array that holds the data.

Detailed Description

The Vector class.

This is a subvector that also allocates storage automatically, and deallocates it when it is destroyed. We take all the functionality from VectorView. Additionally defined in this class are:

  1. Constructors and destructors (allocating memory).
  2. Assignment operator
  3. Assignment operator from scalar.
  4. Resize function.

Definition at line 910 of file matpackI.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Vector() [1/11]

Vector::Vector ( )

◆ Vector() [2/11]

Vector::Vector ( std::initializer_list< Numeric init)

Initialization list constructor.

Definition at line 306 of file

References VectorView::begin().

◆ Vector() [3/11]

Vector::Vector ( const matpack::vector_like_not_vector auto &  init)

Initialization from a vector type.

Definition at line 919 of file matpackI.h.

◆ Vector() [4/11]

Vector::Vector ( Index  n)

Constructor setting size.

Definition at line 311 of file

◆ Vector() [5/11]

Vector::Vector ( Index  n,
Numeric  fill 

Constructor setting size and filling with constant value.

Definition at line 315 of file

References ConstVectorView::mdata.

◆ Vector() [6/11]

Vector::Vector ( Numeric  start,
Index  extent,
Numeric  stride 

Constructor filling with values.


Vector v(1,5,1); // 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Vector v(1,5,.5); // 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 Vector v(5,5,-1); // 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Definition at line 322 of file

References VectorView::begin(), and VectorView::end().

◆ Vector() [7/11]

Vector::Vector ( const ConstVectorView v)

Copy constructor from VectorView.

This automatically sets the size and copies the data. The vector created will have start zero and stride 1, independent on how these parameters are set for the original. So, what is copied is the data, not the shape of the selection.

Definition at line 334 of file

References VectorView::begin(), copy(), and v.

◆ Vector() [8/11]

Vector::Vector ( const Vector v)

Copy constructor from Vector.

This is important to override the automatically generated shallow constructor. We want deep copies!

Definition at line 339 of file

References ConstVectorView::mdata, ConstVectorView::nelem(), and v.

◆ Vector() [9/11]

Vector::Vector ( Vector &&  v)

Definition at line 949 of file matpackI.h.

References v.

◆ Vector() [10/11]

Vector::Vector ( const std::vector< Numeric > &  v)

Converting constructor from std::vector<Numeric>.

Definition at line 344 of file

References VectorView::begin(), and v.

◆ Vector() [11/11]

Vector::Vector ( Numeric d,
const Range r0 

Construct from known data

Note that this will call delete on the pointer if it is still valid at the end of the lifetime of this variable

[in]d- A pointer to some raw data
[in]r0- The Range along the first dimension

Definition at line 964 of file matpackI.h.

References ARTS_ASSERT.

◆ ~Vector()

Vector::~Vector ( )

Destructor for Vector.

This is important, since Vector uses new to allocate storage.

Definition at line 407 of file

References ConstVectorView::mdata.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=() [1/6]

Vector & Vector::operator= ( const Array< Numeric > &  x)

Assignment operator from Array<Numeric>.

This copies the data from an Array<Numeric> to this VectorView. The size is adjusted automatically.

Array<Numeric> can be useful to collect things in, because there is a .push_back method for it. Then, after collecting we usually have to transfer the content to a Vector. With this assignment operator that's easy.

[in]xThe array to assign to this.
This vector, by tradition.
Stefan Buehler

Definition at line 379 of file

References Array< base >::nelem(), VectorView::operator=(), and resize().

◆ operator=() [2/6]

Vector & Vector::operator= ( const matpack::vector_like_not_vector auto &  init)

Set from a vector type.

Definition at line 1003 of file matpackI.h.

◆ operator=() [3/6]

Vector & Vector::operator= ( const Vector v)

Assignment from another Vector.

While dimensions of VectorViews can not be adjusted, dimensions of Vectors can be adjusted. Hence, the behavior of the assignment operator is different.

In this case the size of the target is automatically adjusted. This is important, so that structures containing Vectors are copied correctly.

This is a deviation from the old ARTS paradigm that sizes must match exactly before copying!

Note: It is sufficient to have only this one version of the assignment (Vector = Vector). It implicitly covers the cases Vector=VectorView, etc, because there is a default constructor for Vector from VectorView. (See C++ Primer Plus, page 571ff.)

[in]vThe other vector to copy to this one.
This vector, by tradition.
Stefan Buehler

Definition at line 360 of file

References ConstVectorView::mdata, ConstVectorView::nelem(), resize(), and v.

◆ operator=() [4/6]

Vector & Vector::operator= ( Numeric  x)

Assignment operator from scalar.

Assignment operators are not inherited.

Definition at line 385 of file

References ConstVectorView::mdata, and ConstVectorView::nelem().

◆ operator=() [5/6]

Vector & Vector::operator= ( std::initializer_list< Numeric v)

Assignment from an initializatoin list.

Definition at line 354 of file

References VectorView::begin(), resize(), and v.

◆ operator=() [6/6]

Vector & Vector::operator= ( Vector &&  v)

Move assignment from another Vector.

Definition at line 368 of file

References v.

◆ resize()

void Vector::resize ( Index  n)

Resize function.

If the size is already correct this function does nothing. All data is lost after resizing! The new Vector is not initialized, so it will contain random values.

Definition at line 390 of file

References ARTS_ASSERT, ConstVectorView::mdata, Range::mextent, ConstVectorView::mrange, Range::mstart, and Range::mstride.

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◆ transform_elementwise()

template<class F >
void Vector::transform_elementwise ( F &&  func)

Definition at line 1047 of file matpackI.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ swap

void swap ( Vector v1,
Vector v2 

Swaps two objects.

Definition at line 401 of file

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