ARTS 2.5.11 (git: 725533f0)
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1#include <utility>
3#include "array.h"
4#include "mystring.h"
6struct GroupRecord {
9GroupRecord() : name("This is not a good name"), desc("Missing description") {}
10GroupRecord(String n, String d) : name(std::move(n)), desc(std::move(d)) {}
11bool operator==(const String& s) const {return name == s;}
12bool operator!=(const String& s) const {return name != s;}
13operator const String& () const {return name;}
14friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, const GroupRecord& group) {return os <<;}
This file contains the definition of Array.
This can be used to make arrays out of anything.
Definition array.h:31
This file contains the definition of String, the ARTS string class.
Definition groups.h:9
friend std::ostream & operator<<(std::ostream &os, const GroupRecord &group)
Definition groups.h:14
String desc
Definition groups.h:8
bool operator!=(const String &s) const
Definition groups.h:12
GroupRecord(String n, String d)
Definition groups.h:10
String name
Definition groups.h:7
bool operator==(const String &s) const
Definition groups.h:11
#define d