ARTS 2.5.11 (git: 6827797f)
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12#ifndef LAPACK_H
13#define LAPACK_H
15#include <complex>
16#include <vector>
18#include "matpack_concepts.h"
20namespace lapack_help {
23 template <typename T> struct Inverse {
24 mutable int n;
25 mutable int lwork;
26 mutable std::vector<T> work;
27 mutable std::vector<int> ipiv;
29 explicit Inverse(Index N) noexcept : n(int(N)), lwork(int(N)), work(N), ipiv(N) {}
31 bool resize_if_smaller(Index N) const {
32 if (N>n) {
33 n=int(N);
34 lwork=int(N);
35 work.resize(N);
36 ipiv.resize(N);
37 return true;
38 } else {
39 return false;
40 }
41 }
43 int* size() const noexcept {return &n;}
44 int* lsize() const noexcept {return &lwork;}
45 T* workdata() const noexcept {return;}
46 int* ipivdata() const noexcept {return;}
47 };
50namespace lapack {
65extern "C" void dgetrf_(
66 int *m, int *n, double *A, int *lda, int *ipiv, int *info);
68extern "C" void zgetrf_(
69 int *m, int *n, std::complex<double> *A, int *lda, int *ipiv, int *info);
94extern "C" void dgetrs_(char *trans,
95 int *n,
96 int *nrhs,
97 double *A,
98 int *lda,
99 int *ipiv,
100 double *b,
101 int *ldb,
102 int *info);
119extern "C" void dgetri_(int *n,
120 double *A,
121 int *lda,
122 int *ipiv,
123 double *work,
124 int *lwork,
125 int *info);
127extern "C" void zgetri_(int *n,
128 std::complex<double> *A,
129 int *lda,
130 int *ipiv,
131 std::complex<double> *work,
132 int *lwork,
133 int *info);
149extern "C" void ilaenv_(
150 int *ispec, char *name, char *opts, int *n1, int *n2, int *n3, int *n4);
190extern "C" void dgesvx_(char *fact,
191 char *trans,
192 int *n,
193 int *nrhs,
194 double *A,
195 int *lda,
196 double *AF,
197 int *ldaf,
198 int *ipiv,
199 char *equed,
200 double *R,
201 double *C,
202 double *B,
203 int *ldb,
204 double *X,
205 int *ldx,
206 double *RCOND,
207 double *FERR,
208 double *BERR,
209 double *WORK,
210 int *IWORK,
211 int *info);
213/* Computes eigenvalues and eigenvectors for the Complex n-by-n Matrix A
214 * Use-case example diag(VR*A*inv(VR)) = W.
216 \param[in] jobvl calculate left eigenvectors if 'V', otherwise 'N'
217 \param[in] jobvl calculate right eigen vectors if 'V', otherwise 'N'
218 \param[in] n Dimensionality of the system.
219 \param[in,out] A matrix to find eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Changed in execution.
220 \param[in] lda The leading dimension of A.
221 \param[out] W/WR/WI The eigenvalues in a vector (double matrix can have complex eigenvalues)
222 \param[out] VL The left eigenvectors of A.
223 \param[in] ldvl The leading dimension of VL.
224 \param[out] VR The right eigenvectors of A.
225 \param[in] ldvr The leading dimension of VR.
226 \param[out] WORK
227 \param[out] IWORK
228 \param[out] RWORK
229 \param[out] info
230 */
232extern "C" void dgeev_(char *jobvl,
233 char *jobvr,
234 int *n,
235 double *A,
236 int *lda,
237 double *WR,
238 double *WI,
239 double *VL,
240 int *ldvl,
241 double *VR,
242 int *ldvr,
243 double *work,
244 int *lwork,
245 double *rwork,
246 int *info);
248extern "C" void zgeev_(char *jobvl,
249 char *jobvr,
250 int *n,
251 std::complex<double> *A,
252 int *lda,
253 std::complex<double> *W,
254 std::complex<double> *VL,
255 int *ldvl,
256 std::complex<double> *VR,
257 int *ldvr,
258 std::complex<double> *work,
259 int *lwork,
260 double *rwork,
261 int *info);
262} // namespace lapack
264#endif // LAPACK_H
Definition: lapack.h:50
void zgetri_(int *n, std::complex< double > *A, int *lda, int *ipiv, std::complex< double > *work, int *lwork, int *info)
void ilaenv_(int *ispec, char *name, char *opts, int *n1, int *n2, int *n3, int *n4)
Optimal parameters for computation.
void zgeev_(char *jobvl, char *jobvr, int *n, std::complex< double > *A, int *lda, std::complex< double > *W, std::complex< double > *VL, int *ldvl, std::complex< double > *VR, int *ldvr, std::complex< double > *work, int *lwork, double *rwork, int *info)
void dgetri_(int *n, double *A, int *lda, int *ipiv, double *work, int *lwork, int *info)
Matrix inversion.
void dgeev_(char *jobvl, char *jobvr, int *n, double *A, int *lda, double *WR, double *WI, double *VL, int *ldvl, double *VR, int *ldvr, double *work, int *lwork, double *rwork, int *info)
void dgesvx_(char *fact, char *trans, int *n, int *nrhs, double *A, int *lda, double *AF, int *ldaf, int *ipiv, char *equed, double *R, double *C, double *B, int *ldb, double *X, int *ldx, double *RCOND, double *FERR, double *BERR, double *WORK, int *IWORK, int *info)
Solve linear system.
void zgetrf_(int *m, int *n, std::complex< double > *A, int *lda, int *ipiv, int *info)
void dgetrs_(char *trans, int *n, int *nrhs, double *A, int *lda, int *ipiv, double *b, int *ldb, int *info)
Solve linear system of equations.
void dgetrf_(int *m, int *n, double *A, int *lda, int *ipiv, int *info)
LU decomposition.
Struct cannot be const, but can be passed as const to allow defaults.
Definition: lapack.h:23
T * workdata() const noexcept
Definition: lapack.h:45
Inverse(Index N) noexcept
Definition: lapack.h:29
std::vector< T > work
Definition: lapack.h:26
bool resize_if_smaller(Index N) const
Definition: lapack.h:31
int * lsize() const noexcept
Definition: lapack.h:44
std::vector< int > ipiv
Definition: lapack.h:27
int * size() const noexcept
Definition: lapack.h:43
int * ipivdata() const noexcept
Definition: lapack.h:46
#define b