ARTS 2.5.11 (git: 6827797f)
linemixing_hitran.h File Reference

Namespace and functions to deal with HITRAN linemixing. More...

#include "absorptionlines.h"
#include "arts_conversions.h"
#include "linescaling.h"
#include "matpack_data.h"
#include "matpack_complex.h"
#include "mystring.h"

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struct  HitranRelaxationMatrixData


namespace  lm_hitran_2017


enum class  lm_hitran_2017::calctype {
  lm_hitran_2017::FullVP , lm_hitran_2017::FullRosenkranz , lm_hitran_2017::FullW , lm_hitran_2017::SDVP ,
  lm_hitran_2017::SDRosenkranz , lm_hitran_2017::SDW , lm_hitran_2017::NoneVP , lm_hitran_2017::NoneRosenkranz ,


Vector lm_hitran_2017::compute (const Numeric p, const Numeric t, const Numeric xco2, const Numeric xh2o, const Vector &invcm_grid, const Numeric stotmax, const calctype type)
Vector lm_hitran_2017::compute (const HitranRelaxationMatrixData &hitran, const ArrayOfAbsorptionLines &bands, const SpeciesIsotopologueRatios &isotopologue_ratio, const Numeric P, const Numeric T, const Vector &vmrs, const Vector &f_grid)
 Compute the absorptionlines.
 lm_hitran_2017::ENUMCLASS (ModeOfLineMixing, unsigned char, VP, VP_Y, SDVP, SDVP_Y, FullW, VP_W) const expr bool typeVP(ModeOfLineMixing x)
 Class that controls ReadFromLineMixingStream output.
constexpr bool lm_hitran_2017::typeLP (ModeOfLineMixing x)
constexpr bool lm_hitran_2017::typeFull (ModeOfLineMixing x)
void lm_hitran_2017::read (HitranRelaxationMatrixData &hitran, ArrayOfAbsorptionLines &bands, const SpeciesIsotopologueRatios &isotopologue_ratio, const String &basedir, const Numeric linemixinglimit, const Numeric fmin, const Numeric fmax, const Numeric stot, const ModeOfLineMixing mode)
 Read from HITRAN online line mixing file.
void lm_hitran_2017::hitran_lm_eigenvalue_adaptation (AbsorptionLines &band, const Vector &temperatures, const HitranRelaxationMatrixData &hitran, const Numeric P0, const Index ord)
Tensor5 lm_hitran_2017::hitran_lm_eigenvalue_adaptation_test (const AbsorptionLines &band, const Vector &temperatures, const HitranRelaxationMatrixData &hitran, const Vector &pressures)

Detailed Description

Namespace and functions to deal with HITRAN linemixing.

Richard Larsson

Definition in file linemixing_hitran.h.