ARTS 2.5.11 (git: 6827797f) File Reference
#include "agenda_class.h"
#include "auto_md.h"
#include "debug.h"
#include "energylevelmap.h"
#include "jacobian.h"
#include "propagationmatrix.h"
#include "species_tags.h"

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void propmat_clearskyAddScaledSpecies (Workspace &ws, PropagationMatrix &propmat_clearsky, StokesVector &nlte_source, const ArrayOfRetrievalQuantity &jacobian_quantities, const ArrayOfSpeciesTag &select_abs_species, const Vector &f_grid, const Vector &rtp_mag, const Vector &rtp_los, const Numeric &rtp_pressure, const Numeric &rtp_temperature, const EnergyLevelMap &rtp_nlte, const Vector &rtp_vmr, const Agenda &propmat_clearsky_agenda, const ArrayOfSpeciesTag &target, const Numeric &scale, const Verbosity &)
 File contains ways to manipulate the propagation matrix.

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void propmat_clearskyAddScaledSpecies ( Workspace ws,
PropagationMatrix &  propmat_clearsky,
StokesVector &  nlte_source,
const ArrayOfRetrievalQuantity jacobian_quantities,
const ArrayOfSpeciesTag select_abs_species,
const Vector &  f_grid,
const Vector &  rtp_mag,
const Vector &  rtp_los,
const Numeric &  rtp_pressure,
const Numeric &  rtp_temperature,
const EnergyLevelMap rtp_nlte,
const Vector &  rtp_vmr,
const Agenda propmat_clearsky_agenda,
const ArrayOfSpeciesTag target,
const Numeric &  scale,
const Verbosity verbosity 

File contains ways to manipulate the propagation matrix.

WORKSPACE METHOD: propmat_clearskyAddScaledSpecies.

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References ARTS_USER_ERROR_IF, Array< base >::nelem(), and propmat_clearsky_agendaExecute().

Referenced by propmat_clearskyAddScaledSpecies_g().