ARTS 2.5.11 (git: 6827797f)
Absorption::LineMixing::LinearRovibErrorCorrectedSudden Namespace Reference

Generic interface for ECS calculations. More...


EnergyFunction erot_selection (const SpeciesIsotopeRecord &isot)
void relaxation_matrix_offdiagonal (MatrixView W, const AbsorptionLines &band, const ArrayOfIndex &sorting, const SpeciesErrorCorrectedSuddenData &rovib_data, const Numeric T)

Detailed Description

Generic interface for ECS calculations.

Based on Collisional Effects On Molecular Spectra by J.-M. Hartmann, C. Boulet, and D. Robert, equation (IV.109; 1st edition)

It requires inputs for each of the internal components

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EnergyFunction Absorption::LineMixing::LinearRovibErrorCorrectedSudden::erot_selection ( const SpeciesIsotopeRecord isot)

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References ARTS_USER_ERROR, and Conversion::kaycm2joule().

Referenced by relaxation_matrix_offdiagonal().

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