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Absorption::LineMixing::Makarov2020etal Namespace Reference


Numeric reduced_dipole (const Rational Ju, const Rational Jl, const Rational N)
template<bool rescale_pure_rotational = true>
constexpr Numeric erot (const Rational N, const Rational j=-1)
void relaxation_matrix_offdiagonal (MatrixView W, const AbsorptionLines &band, const ArrayOfIndex &sorting, const SpeciesErrorCorrectedSuddenData &rovib_data, const Numeric T)

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◆ erot()

template<bool rescale_pure_rotational = true>
constexpr Numeric Absorption::LineMixing::Makarov2020etal::erot ( const Rational  N,
const Rational  j = -1 

Compute the rotational energy of ground-state O2 at N and J

If the template argument evaluates true, the erot<false>(1, 0) energy is removed from the output of erot<false>(N, J).

[in]NMain rotational number
[in]jMain rotational number plus spin (if j < 0 then J=N)
Rotational energy in Joule

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References Conversion::mhz2joule(), Math::pow2(), and Math::pow3().

Referenced by relaxation_matrix_offdiagonal().

◆ reduced_dipole()

Numeric Absorption::LineMixing::Makarov2020etal::reduced_dipole ( const Rational  Ju,
const Rational  Jl,
const Rational  N 

Returns the reduced dipole

[in]JuMain rotational number with spin of the upper level
[in]JlMain rotational number with spin of the lower level
[in]NMain rotational number of both levels
The reduced dipole

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References wigner6j().

Referenced by Absorption::LineMixing::PopulationAndDipole::PopulationAndDipole(), and relaxation_matrix_offdiagonal().

◆ relaxation_matrix_offdiagonal()

void Absorption::LineMixing::Makarov2020etal::relaxation_matrix_offdiagonal ( MatrixView  W,
const AbsorptionLines band,
const ArrayOfIndex sorting,
const SpeciesErrorCorrectedSuddenData rovib_data,
const Numeric  T 

Computes the off-diagonal elements of the relaxation matrix following Makarov etal 2020.

[in,out]WThe imaginary part of the relaxation matrix
[in]TThe temperature
[in]bandThe absorption band
[in]sortingThe sorting of the band
[in]mass_selfThe mass of the self-species
[in]mass_otherThe mass of the colliding species

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References a, ARTS_USER_ERROR_IF, b, c, d, erot(), Conversion::kelvin2joule(), Absorption::Lines::lines, Absorption::Lines::max(), Absorption::Lines::NumLines(), Absorption::LineMixing::SpeciesErrorCorrectedSuddenData::Omega(), Absorption::LineMixing::SpeciesErrorCorrectedSuddenData::Q(), Absorption::Lines::quantumidentity, reduced_dipole(), Absorption::Lines::SpeciesMass(), Absorption::Lines::T0, temp_init_size(), Quantum::Number::GlobalState::val, wig3(), wig6(), and wigner_limits().

Referenced by Absorption::LineMixing::single_species_ecs_relaxation_matrix().