ARTS 2.5.11 (git: 6827797f)
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11#ifndef parameters_h
12#define parameters_h
14#include "array.h"
15#include "mystring.h"
26 public:
30 : usage(),
31 helptext(),
32 help(false),
33 version(false),
34 basename(""),
35 outdir(""),
37 reporting(-1),
38 methods(""),
39 numthreads(0),
41 datapath(),
42 input(""),
44 describe(""),
45 groups(false),
46 plain(false),
47 docserver(0),
48 baseurl(""),
49 daemon(false),
50 gui(false),
51 check_docs(false) { /* Nothing to be done here */
52 }
59 bool help;
61 bool version;
81 Index reporting;
104 bool groups;
106 bool plain;
112 bool daemon;
114 bool gui;
132bool get_parameters(int argc, char **argv);
134#endif // parameters_h
This file contains the definition of Array.
Structure to hold all command line Parameters.
Definition: parameters.h:25
bool check_docs
Flag to check built-in documentation.
Definition: parameters.h:116
ArrayOfString includepath
List of paths to search for include files.
Definition: parameters.h:89
String helptext
Longer message explaining the options.
Definition: parameters.h:57
String outdir
If this is specified (with the -o –outdir option), it is used as the base directory for the report fi...
Definition: parameters.h:70
bool gui
Flag to run with graphical user interface.
Definition: parameters.h:114
String usage
Short message how to call the program.
Definition: parameters.h:55
bool version
Display version information.
Definition: parameters.h:61
ArrayOfString datapath
List of paths to search for data files.
Definition: parameters.h:91
String workspacevariables
If this is given the argument ‘all’, it simply prints a list of all workspace variables.
Definition: parameters.h:99
String baseurl
Baseurl for the docserver.
Definition: parameters.h:110
String input
This is complementary to the methods switch.
Definition: parameters.h:95
ArrayOfString controlfiles
The filenames of the controlfiles.
Definition: parameters.h:73
bool plain
Generate plain help out suitable for script processing.
Definition: parameters.h:106
String basename
If this is specified (with the -b –basename option), it is used as the base name for the report file ...
Definition: parameters.h:65
bool groups
Print a list of all workspace variable groups.
Definition: parameters.h:104
bool help
Only display the help text.
Definition: parameters.h:59
Index reporting
This should be a two digit integer.
Definition: parameters.h:81
Index numthreads
The maximum number of threads to use.
Definition: parameters.h:87
Index docserver
Port to use for the docserver.
Definition: parameters.h:108
bool daemon
Flag to run the docserver in the background.
Definition: parameters.h:112
String describe
Print the description String of the given workspace variable or method.
Definition: parameters.h:102
Default constructor.
Definition: parameters.h:29
String methods
If this is given the argument ‘all’, it simply prints a list of all methods.
Definition: parameters.h:85
This file contains the definition of String, the ARTS string class.
bool get_parameters(int argc, char **argv)
Get the command line parameters.