ARTS 2.5.9 (git: 825fa5f2)
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1#ifndef ppath_struct_h
2#define ppath_struct_h
4#include "matpackI.h"
5#include "mystring.h"
6#include "interpolation.h"
9 === The Ppath structure
10 ===========================================================================*/
17struct Ppath {
57 friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, const Ppath& x);
The Matrix class.
Definition: matpackI.h:1285
The Vector class.
Definition: matpackI.h:910
Header file for
Implementation of Matrix, Vector, and such stuff.
The type to use for all floating point numbers.
Definition: matpack.h:33
The type to use for all integer numbers and indices.
Definition: matpack.h:39
This file contains the definition of String, the ARTS string class.
Array< Ppath > ArrayOfPpath
An array of propagation paths.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:61
The structure to describe a propagation path and releated quantities.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:17
Matrix los
Line-of-sight at each ppath point.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:35
ArrayOfGridPos gp_lon
Index position with respect to the longitude grid.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:55
String background
Radiative background.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:25
friend std::ostream & operator<<(std::ostream &os, const Ppath &x)
Index np
Number of points describing the ppath.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:21
Matrix pos
The distance between start pos and the last position in pos.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:33
ArrayOfGridPos gp_lat
Index position with respect to the latitude grid.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:53
Numeric end_lstep
The distance between end pos and the first position in pos.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:45
Vector start_pos
Start position.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:27
Vector lstep
The length between ppath points.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:39
Numeric start_lstep
Length between sensor and atmospheric boundary.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:31
Numeric constant
The propagation path constant (only used for 1D)
Definition: ppath_struct.h:23
Vector r
Radius of each ppath point.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:37
ArrayOfGridPos gp_p
Index position with respect to the pressure grid.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:51
Vector ngroup
The group index of refraction.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:49
Index dim
Atmospheric dimensionality.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:19
Vector end_pos
End position.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:41
Vector start_los
Start line-of-sight.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:29
Vector nreal
The real part of the refractive index at each path position.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:47
Vector end_los
End line-of-sight.
Definition: ppath_struct.h:43