ARTS 2.5.9 (git: 825fa5f2)
predefined_absorption_models.h File Reference
#include "jacobian.h"
#include "predefined/predef_data.h"
#include "propagationmatrix.h"
#include "species.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <random>

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struct  Absorption::PredefinedModel::VMRS
 Contains known required VMR values. More...


namespace  Absorption
 Namespace to contain things required for absorption calculations.
namespace  Absorption::PredefinedModel


bool Absorption::PredefinedModel::can_compute (const SpeciesIsotopeRecord &model)
 Returns true if the model can be computed. More...
void Absorption::PredefinedModel::compute (PropagationMatrix &propmat_clearsky, ArrayOfPropagationMatrix &dpropmat_clearsky_dx, const SpeciesIsotopeRecord &tag, const Vector &f_grid, const Numeric &rtp_pressure, const Numeric &rtp_temperature, const VMRS &vmr, const ArrayOfRetrievalQuantity &jacobian_quantities, const PredefinedModelData &predefined_model_data)
 Compute the predefined model. More...