ARTS 2.5.11 (git: 725533f0)
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16#include "energylevelmap.h"
17#include "field.h"
18#include "transmissionmatrix.h"
19#include "workspace_ng.h"
21class Agenda;
22class Workspace;
45 FieldOfPropagationMatrix& propmat_field,
46 FieldOfStokesVector& absorption_field,
47 FieldOfStokesVector& additional_source_field,
48 const Index& stokes_dim,
49 const Vector& f_grid,
50 const Vector& p_grid,
51 const Tensor3& z_field,
52 const Tensor3& t_field,
53 const EnergyLevelMap& nlte_field,
54 const Tensor4& vmr_field,
55 const ArrayOfRetrievalQuantity& jacobian_quantities,
56 const Agenda& propmat_clearsky_agenda);
65 const FieldOfPropagationMatrix& propmat_field, const Numeric& r = 1.0);
101 const FieldOfPropagationMatrix& propmat_field,
102 const FieldOfStokesVector& absorption_field,
103 const FieldOfStokesVector& additional_source_field,
104 const Vector& f_grid,
105 const Tensor3& t_field,
106 const EnergyLevelMap& nlte_field,
107 const Ppath& ppath,
108 const Agenda& iy_main_agenda,
109 const Agenda& iy_space_agenda,
110 const Agenda& iy_surface_agenda,
111 const Agenda& iy_cloudbox_agenda,
112 const Tensor3& surface_props_data,
113 const Verbosity& verbosity);
115 Workspace& ws,
116 ArrayOfRadiationVector& lvl_rad,
117 ArrayOfRadiationVector& src_rad,
120 const FieldOfPropagationMatrix& propmat_field,
121 const FieldOfStokesVector& absorption_field,
122 const FieldOfStokesVector& additional_source_field,
123 const Vector& f_grid,
124 const Tensor3& t_field,
125 const EnergyLevelMap& nlte_field,
126 const Ppath& ppath,
127 const Agenda& iy_main_agenda,
128 const Agenda& iy_space_agenda,
129 const Agenda& iy_surface_agenda,
130 const Agenda& iy_cloudbox_agenda,
131 const Tensor3& surface_props_data,
132 const Verbosity& verbosity);
The Agenda class.
This can be used to make arrays out of anything.
Definition array.h:31
Creates a 3D field of a base unit.
Definition field.h:16
Workspace class.
Array< WorkspaceVariable > ws
Workspace variable container.
Class to map energy levels.
This file contains the definition of Field3D.
void field_of_propagation(Workspace &ws, FieldOfPropagationMatrix &propmat_field, FieldOfStokesVector &absorption_field, FieldOfStokesVector &additional_source_field, const Index &stokes_dim, const Vector &f_grid, const Vector &p_grid, const Tensor3 &z_field, const Tensor3 &t_field, const EnergyLevelMap &nlte_field, const Tensor4 &vmr_field, const ArrayOfRetrievalQuantity &jacobian_quantities, const Agenda &propmat_clearsky_agenda)
Creates a field of propagation matrices, absorption vectors, and source vectors.
FieldOfTransmissionMatrix transmat_field_calc_from_propmat_field(const FieldOfPropagationMatrix &propmat_field, const Numeric &r=1.0)
Get a field of transmission matrices from the propagation matrix field.
void emission_from_propmat_field(Workspace &ws, ArrayOfRadiationVector &lvl_rad, ArrayOfRadiationVector &src_rad, ArrayOfTransmissionMatrix &lyr_tra, ArrayOfTransmissionMatrix &tot_tra, const FieldOfPropagationMatrix &propmat_field, const FieldOfStokesVector &absorption_field, const FieldOfStokesVector &additional_source_field, const Vector &f_grid, const Tensor3 &t_field, const EnergyLevelMap &nlte_field, const Ppath &ppath, const Agenda &iy_main_agenda, const Agenda &iy_space_agenda, const Agenda &iy_surface_agenda, const Agenda &iy_cloudbox_agenda, const Tensor3 &surface_props_data, const Verbosity &verbosity)
Computes the radiation and transmission from fields of atmospheric propagation.
The structure to describe a propagation path and releated quantities.
Stuff related to the transmission matrix.
This file contains the Workspace class.